The NGPA National Events Planning Committee is a group of member-volunteers led by a Board-appointed chairman that exists to support and build upon the mission statement of the National Gay Pilots Association to build, support, and unite the LGBT aviation community worldwide. Through education, outreach programs, and social events, we promote our primary organizational goals:

  • Encourage members of the LGBT community to begin piloting careers

  • Foster equal treatment of LGBT aviators through advocacy and outreach

  • Promote aviation safety

  • Provide an affirming social and professional network for LGBT aviators

Events at the NGPA are designed to appeal to new and existing members by adhering to a common set of goals:

Keep events affordable while continuing to provide additional value to attendees and acting responsibly within the confines of a defined budget process.

Respect the broad majority of member requests to retain our two flagship events, the Cape Cod Classic and the Palm Springs Winter Warm-Up.

Provide an array of activities, seminars, workshops, and keynote presentations that reflect the diverse composition of the NGPA membership, including: general, commercial, and corporate aviation; women’s issues; transgender issues; aeromedical issues; and general LGBT issues.

Encourage networking and fellowship throughout member ranks and across varying demographic divides.

Adapt to changing needs and attitudes among membership through the use of feedback portals, surveys, and direct user experiences. 

For more information, contact National Events Planning Committee Chairman Kyle Szary.

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