Chapter Coordinator Liaison 

Position Objective & Purpose

The Chapter Coordinator Liaison position is tasked with serving local chapter volunteer teams as both a liaison and resource from NGPA's leadership team. This position would help support chapter leaders and their team with access to current resources, but also help create additional resources NGPA can offer to best support chapters.  

Key Roles & Responsibilities

  • Brainstorm ideas, create tools, create resources and lead strategies which local chapters can use and replicate for their local region.  

  • Serve as the direct point of contact and liaison between NGPA Operational Leadership, and the NGPA Local chapters.

  • Support Chapter communication efforts by following up on the operations communication tasks when chapters report events via our notification form. 

    • This can include: Loading in a targeted local chapter email, loading in a targeted text message, and updating future local chapter webpages. 

    • You will be notified about these event submissions automatically via the system email and a slack message, and we hope to have email drafts to the chapter leaders within 2-3 business days.  

  • Facilitate chapter requests

  • Help coordinate budgets for local chapters

Position Expectations

  • Current member of NGPA

  • Ability to commit 1-3 hours a week depending on current activities occurring within the organization

  • Leadership skills 

  • Experience with chapters in NGPA or other organizations

  • Ability to attend meetings when available, including our monthly Operations Call held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 8pm ET via Zoom.

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