Hey there NGPA Family! We know the past few weeks have challenged us all in many different ways. From government restrictions on travel, to worries about your health, to financial strain and concerns over your own job security. It has surely been a stressful time and we all look forward to clear air on the horizon! 

Your leadership team has been working hard to set our organization up for long term success through these challenging times. A big part of that, is ensuring we adapt our programming to meet our members changing needs amidst our current landscape. With our world’s current practices of social distancing, we are seeing many of our events over the next few months be postponed or cancelled. This will greatly limit our ability to gather together in person, but that doesn’t mean we have to completely stop “gathering!” Virtual NGPA hangouts will be ramping up over the coming weeks to ensure we all can still get together! We have also teamed up with our corporate sponsors and industry partners to offer our members some guidance on different subjects through these challenging times.

Please use this page as point of reference for all of our upcoming events. This page will be updated regularly so please check back daily for new events and updates. Check out our tabs below for informational webinars, virtual hangouts, mentor opportunities, event changes, and more

Stay strong NGPA Family, we are all in this together!

Informational Webinars

Come join us as we team up with NGPA corporate sponsors and industry partners to provide some guidance and support as we navigate the current landscape.

Medical Guidance & Q&A with Dr. Quay Snyder

Wednesday April 1st 5pm EDT

Dr. Snyder is President/CEO and co-founder of Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (AMAS), an organization dedicated to aviation safety, pilot health and career preservation. He is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and Duke University School of Medicine. He has completed medical residencies in Family Practice and Aerospace Medicine and is board certified in specialties, as well as Occupational Medicine and Addiction Medicine. Dr. Snyder received his Master’s of Science Degree in Public Health from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. He was named as the Air Line Pilots Assn Int’l. (ALPA) Aeromedical Advisor in January 2010.

Join Dr. Snyder for this informational webinar where he will cover COVID-19 specific information along with guidance on medical certificates for HIV+ and transgender pilots.  Live Q&A will conclude the event.


Financial Planning Q&A with Todd Foster of Total Investment Management

Wednesday April 8th 4pm EDT

Todd Foster graduated from the Janice H. Levin School of Business-Rutgers University, with a B.S. in Accounting. While in college, he was employed by Ernst & Young LLP in the National 401k/Pension Department. After graduation, Todd continued working for Ernst & Young LLP in their professional group as an auditor. Todd joined Total Investment Management in January of 1998 to work alongside his father, John. Todd obtained his Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) designation in 2009 to better serve TIM’s main clientele: participants of pension and 401k plans. 

Join Todd as he takes your financial planning questions LIVE and offers his expertise to our members on best financial practices in the current economic climate.


Aviation Job Market Perspective & Planning With Cage Marshall Consulting

Tuesday April 14th 5pm EDT

At Cage Marshall Consulting, we've been helping pilots reach their career goals since 1988. No matter what the circumstances, a Cage Marshall trained interviewee will come off as prepared and professional, ready to overcome any obstacle thrown at you during the interview process. We can help you at every phase of your career, from university through post-retirement. We take a vested interest in all our clients, and are dedicated to helping you achieve your dream job. Your success is our success.

Join Cheryl Cage and Angie Marshall of Cage Marshall Consulting for a deep dive on their current perspective of the aviation job market as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.  They will offer best practices and pointers on things you can do now to mitigate any possible interruptions of employment in the future.

Live Q&A will also be available at the end of the webinar.


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