Vice-President (Minneapolis, MN)

Janice Anderson started her flying career almost 30 years ago as a flight engineer on the Boeing 727, then moved to first officer on the MD-80, B-757, B-767, and B-777 aircraft. She is now a B-737 captain for American Airlines. Apart from the camaraderie of her fellow team members and getting customers to their destinations safely, Janice says part of the reason why she loves working at American is because she is supported in her role as a pilot and active member of the LGBT community. She uses her leadership to not only mentor other young pilots, but also to support members of the LGBT community at American.

Janice is the first Vice-President of NGPA, and she serves alongside President David Pettet to create a strong executive team focused on furthering the organization's global mission to advocate for diversity and inclusion in aviation.

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