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The NGPA has four membership types available: Individual, Family, Student, and Ally. If you are still deciding which one best suits you or have questions about membership types, you can learn more here.

Once your membership is processed, you will receive our next quarterly magazine, Contrails, in the mail. If you have specific membership questions, please contact membership@ngpa.org or call 866-800-NGPA.

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NGPA's publications are a primary tool for members to stay connected. Every issue contains compelling editorial content covering current events, politics, fashion, health, aviation education, informative resources for professional pilots, event recaps, and a calendar of exciting upcoming events. CONTRAILS is printed quarterly and mailed to every level of paid membership, distributed at official NGPA events, sponsored events, and 60 universities and colleges for future aviators. An electronic version is distributed via the NGPA website at ngpa.org.

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