Kiersten is passionate about being a leader within the NGPA —to help further connect and advocate for women pilots from all facets of the industry. As Co-Chair of the Women’s Committee, she realizes that bringing female pilots and other members of the aviation industry together to celebrate their love for flight has the potential to make the flight deck and society at large more inclusive. She grew up in Oklahoma where she learned to fly airplanes at the University of Oklahoma.  Fast forward to now, Kiersten is a First Officer at American Airlines flying the Airbus out of LAX. When she is not flying the line, she facilitates a course on disrupting everyday bias for American Airlines. This allows her to share tools for everyday life and delve into the importance of self-awareness and empathy. When she is not doing any of that, Kiersten is out riding her bicycle, rollerblading, traveling, or simply exploring Chicago where she currently resides.

American First Officer, LAX

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