Chair (Long Beach, CA)

Steven serves as co-chair of the NGPA board of directors and sits on the Governance, Finance, and Marketing committees. Before being named co-chair in 2020, he volunteered as director of marketing and chaired that committee for two years. Prior to that he served as a board member and secretary of the NGPA Education Fund as well as serving on the NGPA Alliance Committee that was responsible for combining the NGPA and NGPA Education Fund into a single nonprofit in 2017.

Before becoming an airline pilot, Steven was responsible for safety and quality assurance for S E Pipe Line Construction and then as an administrator for environmental, health, and safety compliance at Gulfstream Aerospace.

Steven accomplished his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot in 1989 when he earned his private pilot license at Corona Municipal Airport near Riverside, California. After many years of being an active general aviation pilot and flight instructor he decided on a career change and joined Trans States Airlines as a first officer in 1998. Since then, Steven has flown a variety of commercial aircraft and is now captain for Southwest Airlines on the 737 based in Los Angeles.

He earned a BA in International Relations from the University of Redlands in 1988 and now resides in Long Beach, California with his husband Christian where they are active supporters of the LGBTQ and aviation communities.