Transgender Support Committee Volunteer

Deadline to apply: September 10th, 2021 11:59pm PT

Position Objective & Purpose

The Transgender Committee Is supporting both NGPA members, non-members, Allies, Aviation HR Departments and Union Leadership.  Besides transgender people other groups have fallen onto the committee purview such as non-binary, Two spirited and other Gender expression spectrums. This role is a long-term confidential care position with connections lasting multiple years.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Provide leadership and mentorship

Share FAA documentation for those choosing to medically transition

Counsel individuals and families on proven successful industry transitions and expectations

Readily available via phone/email with a response time within 24hrs

Guide HR and union leaders in handling transgender issues

Serve and mentor families and children with transgender related issues

Lead the NGPA Transgender Social Retreat

Work with BOD, Leadership, Aeromedical, Advocacy, Womens and DE&I committees

Referrals to AMAS (Aviation Medicine Advisory Service) and other known medical and psychiatric professionals


NGPA Member who is transgender and has lived authentically for a few years

Someone who has gone through the FAA transition process and has been working as their authentic self for multiple years

3–5year commitment as this is a long-term care position

Readily available via phone/email with a response time within 24hrs

Workload varies depending on confidential caseload and outreach

Working knowledge of medications, surgeries, treatments and differences for male/female/nonbinary/gender expression changes

Willingness to travel to meet families and individuals in crisis 

Attend NGPA in-person events to meet with those who come to to seek transgender help 

Content expert on Transgender / nonbinary issues, FAA special issuance, policies and current affairs

submit confidential and de-identified monthly reports to NGPA leadership

Guard all cases with the utmost of confidentiality

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