Vice-President (Atlanta, GA)

Troy’s journey to aviation began in 2011 when he enrolled in the University of North Dakota's flight program. Upon completing his degree and flight training, Troy spent time as a flight instructor before moving on to his career as an airline pilot. Throughout his airline career, Troy has served as First Officer, Captain, Pilot Recruiter, and Assistant Chief Pilot. Today, Troy is thrilled to be a part of United Airlines flying the A320.

With the support of his close friends, Troy came out as gay in 2011 during his freshman year in college. Troy joined the NGPA in 2016 and quickly found a home in the LGBTQ aviation community. For Troy, the NGPA allowed him to combine his career and interest in aviation with his identity in the LGBTQ community. 

Troy’s first volunteer work with the NGPA involved the building of university and flight school chapters of the NGPA on multiple college campuses. Most recently, Troy was Director of Member Services and Support, and now serves at the Vice-President of the NGPA. Troy lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his partner, who is also a member of the NGPA, an airline pilot, and, curiously enough, is also named Troy.