Deadline to apply: September 10th, 2021 11:59pm PT

Chair, Women’s Committee
Vice Chair, Women’s Committee

Volunteer Purpose:
Work with NGPA Leadership, Board of Directors and other volunteers to continue to grow
female-identifying membership for the organization. Support the day to day functions of the
Committee. Promote and create social gatherings at the Winter Warm Up, Women in Aviation
and the Cape Cod Classic.

Job and Responsibilities:
• Average 15-20 volunteer hours per month
• Participate in Monthly Operation Calls
• Coordinate and support Women in Aviation Conference
• Participate and support NGPA Flagship events
• Quarterly Maintain Wondrous Woman Contrails magazine article
• Create annual survey, analyze data and set benchmarks from data
• Manage Women’s Committee email distribution and social media accounts
• Coordinate with NGPA Marketing to promote events
• Create, maintain and evaluate budget

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