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Welcome back to the March edition of On The Fly! We are ecstatic to announce that some new developments we have been working on are finally coming to fruition. Since stepping into the marketing committee, we noticed a minor gap in our image to be meeting the utmost inclusion. With the help of our new Executive Director, we have finalized a change in our branding to embody our membership fully. We are now NGPA: The Worldwide LGBTQ+ Aviation Community. The addition of “Q+” can be found across our social platforms, the name on future emails from us, and everywhere else!

NGPA Family,

It's hard to believe that a month has passed since joining NGPA as your Executive Director. In that short time, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to meet with members in Palm Springs, volunteer alongside the Women’s Committee at Women in Aviation International’s (WAI) annual conference in Long Beach, attend several local chapter socials, connect with most of our committee leaders, and visit our MSP office for an Ops Team kick-off meeting, to name a few. Though it has only been a few weeks, one thing has been clear: I am even more excited about the future of NGPA and am honored to have the opportunity to serve on behalf of members as the organization’s leader!

We look forward to welcoming you to our second annual summer event. An event celebrating our general aviation community along with current and aspiring industry professionals, NGPA returns to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, this June. Join us June 16-18 for a weekend filled with social events, a fly-in, and local pride celebration festivities. A full schedule of events, lodging link, and registration coming soon!




Happy Women’s History Month, friends and family!

As I have had this chance to reflect on the importance of this month, and its impact on our lives and careers, I think of some people who have opened doors for us. Many could not live as their authentic selves, and we did not learn about much of their actual lives until after their deaths. Sally Ride is the person that always comes to my mind first. She was the first American woman to go into space in 1983. While she was alive, it was only known that she had been married to a man for five years. It came out after she passed in 2012 that she had actually spent 27 years in a life partnership with another woman.

Being More Gender Inclusive Within Aviation


As someone who has been both a student and a flight instructor in this industry, I’ve experienced firsthand a lack of gender inclusivity among peers and coworkers. I started flying at 16 at a local FBO, and now at 22, I’m a full-time flight instructor. Gender inclusion is necessary for any organization to run successfully for its members, not only those fitting the stereotypical aviation professional. 

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