Join us at NGPA's 2024 Aviation Inclusion Summit presented by Piedmont Airlines, a dynamic forum dedicated to fostering discussions on inclusion and diversity within the aviation industry. With a special emphasis on how inclusion contributes to safety, this summit offers an engaging lineup of keynote sessions, breakouts, and panels covering a diverse range of topics.

2024 Aviation Inclusion Summit: November 13-15, 2024



You’re invited to help shape the future of aviation alongside professionals across the industry at NGPA's Aviation Inclusion Summit, a dynamic and collaborative forum devoted to cultivating conversations around diversity and inclusion. With a focused spotlight on how inclusion is critical to safety, this summit boasts a compelling array of keynote sessions, breakout discussions, and panel exchanges spanning a wide spectrum of themes. 

Discover insights vital to your crewmembers and employees while drawing connections between proficient crew resource management and the strength of a diverse and inclusive flight deck. NGPA's Aviation Inclusion Summit equips change-makers with resources to create & maintain an environment where diverse perspectives can thrive. Join us as we collectively foster an aviation landscape that values and embraces diversity.


Open to professionals from all corners of the aviation industry, including recruitment departments, human resources, executive leadership, chief pilots, and beyond, this event is your opportunity to be a part of a crucial dialogue shaping the future of aviation.

Event takeaways for attendees: 

  • Understanding of DEI concepts

  • Understanding of being an "upstander" and skills to achieve

  • Unpacking unconscious bias skills

  • Empowerment techniques

  • Allyship and advocacy skills

  • Inclusive leadership skills

  • DEI action planning

Previous Summit: 

This past summit was focused on “Inclusion as a paramount ingredient to aviation safety.” Thanks to our partners at The Air Line Pilots Association, we convened at ALPA Headquarters to bring awareness to DEI needs across aviation and also provide tools to ensure the needs of our workgroups and students are met with inclusive environments, leaders and messaging.


The NGPA summit featured an inclusion panel that provided insights on the experiences of leaders within the NGPA peer organizations, including the Black Aerospace Professionals, Women in Aviation International, Latino Pilots Association, European Pride in Aviation Network, and Professional Asian Pilots Association. (Photo: NGPA)