NGPA members who wish to make a career in the aerospace industry or who work elsewhere and wish to increase the margin of safety and fun in General Aviation are invited to apply for the NGPA Scholarship Program. Explore how you can learn, prepare, and finally apply during our next application window. please read all the information available below before submitting an opportunity profile.

Our 2024 Opportunity Profile is now open below. This is your first step in applying for the 2024 Scholarship Program. Application finalization is coming in June 2024.

Prepare to Apply

Our 2024 Opportunity Profile is now open!

If you are not yet a member of NGPA, apply now by clicking the link here. Membership is required to successfully apply for the NGPA scholarship program. 

Filling out your opportunity profile is your first step in the application process.  Those with competitive Opportunity Profiles will be selected to continue the application process after the OP completion window closes. 

Apply Now - Submit your Opportunity Profile

What will I need to Apply?

Consider gathering and scanning the following documents NOW for upload:  

  • Photo ID;   

  • FAA aviation/aerospace industry certificates or your nation’s equivalent;   

  • High school academic transcripts, or your nation’s equivalent of secondary school academic records;   

  • Junior college, trade school, and/or college transcripts, as applicable;   

  • Other certificates of training from reputable but unaccredited sources (Microsoft trainings, Duolingo, others) 


  • FAA medical (or your nation’s equivalent);   

  • Logbook records – covering at a minimum your last 50 hours of flight training (no penalty for providing more) .  If you have fewer than 50 hours, scan and include records of all your flight training.   

  • Logbook records – all checkride flights and comments from your DPE in your logbook  


Consider compiling and polishing the following items NOW for upload and/or insertion into your Opportunity Profile: 

  • One-page resume;   

  • Your entire employment history with dates (accurate to month/year);   

  • Your entire community service history (accurate to month/year);   

  • Your LGBTQ+ advocacy, volunteer, or “Q+” centered club membership and participation history 

  • Consider how you will concisely articulate:   

  • Why you deserve an NGPA scholarship;    

  • 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-year aviation related goals, and plans to achieve them;   

  • Your unique financial need, and the steps you have taken to mitigate your financial need to achieve your dreams;   

  • How your record of community service and/or club participation reflects NGPA’s mission