NGPA's strength comes from the incredible people who make up the organization. As pilots and aviation enthusiasts helping each other, volunteering exemplifies the spirit of NGPA more than anything else. We can always use a hand, and volunteering is a great way to meet people and make new friends.

Executive Leaders

David Pettet

President (Minneapolis, MN)

David’s passion and dream to be a pilot started at a very young age, when his parents would take him to the Cleveland Hopkins Airport observation deck to watch airplanes. That passion and determination fueled David's career, and he became a flight instructor at the age of 18 and was hired at a Part 121 air carrier at 19 years old, becoming one of the youngest airline pilots. David has flown for Omni Air International, Hawaiian Airlines, and he now works for American Airlines.

David joined NGPA in 2008 and quickly became involved, serving on committees and joining the Board of Directors in 2010. In 2014, David served as Vice-Chairman of the Board, and was elected as NGPA’s Executive Director in 2014. During David's tenure at NGPA membership has nearly quadrupled, and with the help of leadership and volunteers he has brought on dozens of sponsors to support the vision and mission of NGPA. David resides in Minneapolis with his partner, Brandon.

Jan Anderson

Vice-President (Minneapolis, MN)

Janice Anderson started her flying career almost 30 years ago as a flight engineer on the Boeing 727, then moved to first officer on the MD-80, B-757, B-767, and B-777 aircraft. She is now a B-737 captain for American Airlines. Apart from the camaraderie of her fellow team members and getting customers to their destinations safely, Janice says part of the reason why she loves working at American is because she is supported in her role as a pilot and active member of the LGBT community. She uses her leadership to not only mentor other young pilots, but also to support members of the LGBT community at American.

Janice is the first Vice-President of NGPA, and she serves alongside President David Pettet to create a strong executive team focused on furthering the organization's global mission to advocate for diversity and inclusion in aviation.

Greg Sumner

Co-Chair (Phoenix, AZ)

Greg Sumner earned his B.S. in Aviation Technology and Operations and B.A. in Spanish from Western Michigan University (WMU) in 1997. He began flying for United Airlines in 2000 and has held several professional and volunteer positions. He has flown the Boeing 727 and holds type ratings on numerous aircraft, ranging from the Learjet to the Boeing 747.

Sumner completed his Executive M.B.A. with the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University in 2013 while working in numerous NextGen business roles for L-3/Thales Avionics in Phoenix. The WMU Department of Spanish awarded him an Alumni Achievement Award in 2016, and the WMU College of Aviation chose Sumner for its 2019 Excellence in Diversity award. He has served in various positions on the NGPA and Education Fund boards, including governance, marketing and the alliance-merger committee as Education Fund Vice Chair.

Sumner currently serves as a captain on the Boeing 737 and resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his husband, Kevin Arnett.

Steven Tustin

Co-Chair (Long Beach, CA)

Steven serves as co-chair of the NGPA board of directors and sits on the Governance, Finance, and Marketing committees. Before being named co-chair in 2020, he volunteered as director of marketing and chaired that committee for two years. Prior to that he served as a board member and secretary of the NGPA Education Fund as well as serving on the NGPA Alliance Committee that was responsible for combining the NGPA and NGPA Education Fund into a single nonprofit in 2017.

Before becoming an airline pilot, Steven was responsible for safety and quality assurance for S E Pipe Line Construction and then as an administrator for environmental, health, and safety compliance at Gulfstream Aerospace.

Steven accomplished his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot in 1989 when he earned his private pilot license at Corona Municipal Airport near Riverside, California. After many years of being an active general aviation pilot and flight instructor he decided on a career change and joined Trans States Airlines as a first officer in 1998. Since then, Steven has flown a variety of commercial aircraft and is now captain for Southwest Airlines on the 737 based in Los Angeles.

He earned a BA in International Relations from the University of Redlands in 1988 and now resides in Long Beach, California with his husband Christian where they are active supporters of the LGBTQ and aviation communities.

Erika DeLong

Vice-Chair (Forest Lake, MN)

Erika DeLong is First Officer at United Airlines flying the Boeing 737. She is a third-generation pilot who knew at age five that she wanted to be an airline pilot; and that her gender identity did not match her physical body. At age nineteen, even before having her first flight lesson, Erika purchased her first airplane, a 1966 Cessna 150, and began taking lessons.

Erika had flown professionally for 19 years at Endeavor Airlines. She was the first transgender pilot to transition at her former employer. During her transition, she worked with them to bring awareness of an individual’s needs and helped create policies for inclusion. This effort allowed her to continue her employment, fly openly as a transgender pilot since 2014, and advance her career flying as a CRJ-900 Captain/IOE Instructor.

Outside of work, Erika is a general aviation owner and hobbyist, wife, mother, and role model. She is the Transgender Member Support Chairwoman with the National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) and an active board member. In her Transgender Member Support role, she helps aviation individuals navigate their transition by mentoring them through the FAA first class special issuance medical process and works as a liaison/consultant for airline employers and transgender employees. In addition to member support, she has been active in speaking on transgender topics at various aviation events, including several Diversity and Inclusion conferences focused toward airline leadership and human resource staff.

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