Our mission is simple: to BUILD, SUPPORT, and UNITE the LGBT aviation community worldwide.

Over thirty years ago a handful of gay pilots discreetly gathered in Provincetown, Massachusetts. They coordinated their meeting by responding to an ad and agreeing to wear an aviation themed t-shirt in order to identify each other. Anonymity was maintained by not using any last names since they risked losing their jobs or dishonorable discharge from the military for being gay. This was the first NGPA event. It's from these humble beginnings that a global movement was born. 

Today, the NGPA is the largest organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer aviation professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. Since 1990 our mission has been simple: to Build, Support, and Unite the LGBTQ aviation community worldwide. Through education, social events, and outreach we advance our primary goals:

PROMOTE aviation safety.

PROVIDE an affirming social and professional network for the LGBTQ aviation community.

FOSTER equal treatment of the LGBTQ aviation community through advocacy and outreach.

ENCOURAGE members of the LGBTQ community to begin careers in aviation.


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NGPA's Advocacy Advisory Council (AAC) is made up of 8 NGPA members that represent the body of the organization to address advocacy issues and needs as they arise. This council is led by two co-chairs, one member being an outside council expert on LGBTQ advocacy issues. This council is designed to address needs from NGPA members and committees to prepare a position, statement, or response, if recommended with a majority, to NGPA leadership. This proactive arm in advocacy for NGPA will ensure our efforts and resources are best utilized and in line with NGPA's mission and vision.

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Financials, Annual Reporting, and Bylaws


As a U.S. registered IRS 501(c)(3) public charity, NGPA fosters a culture of financial transparency. NGPA financial oversight is maintained by the President as well as the NGPA Finance Committee, which includes members of the Board of Directors, and representatives from the general membership. The Finance Committee reports findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors regularly.

NGPA accounting and tax reporting services are provided by the independent CPA firm Valley Accounting and Tax, and financial audit services are provided by the independent CPA firm Johnson, Lewis & Mount, LLC (previously Markwell & Lewis, LLP).

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Inclusion Training Team (ITT)


Our Inclusion Training Team is a group of skilled NGPA members and professionals who volunteer their time to come to you (virtually or in person) to conduct LGBTQ inclusivity, equity, and diversity awareness training. Our team will build a customized presentation based on the audience, workgroup, and company’s cultural needs that will teach important topics related to making a work environment that is welcoming and comfortable for LGBTQ employees.

This team is made up of volunteers who believe that making all aviation workspaces welcoming for the LGBTQ community is critical to a safe and productive aviation industry.

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