Upon discovering the NGPA, many people feel as if they have found where they belong. 
That's because the NGPA is about community.

We are a home for LGBTQ people with a love for aviation; we are a vehicle that connects those with shared passions. We invite you to join our family and connect with people from many different backgrounds, all of whom have found a shared home at NGPA.


NGPA is all about community.

Since 2016, NGPA has had an international chapter based in the United Kingdom and has held a number of events from social evenings to walking in pride events in both London and Brighton. 2020 saw the beginning of another international chapter based in continental Europe, and as both groups grew it quickly became clear that there is a lot of potential and demand in Europe and the UK. It was decided to join the two chapters together in 2021 to create one chapter - NGPA Europe/UK. 

Whether you reside anywhere in or often frequent mainland Europe or the UK, this is your community and a place to connect with other like-minded individuals from different backgrounds. All are welcome to join - professional pilots, GA pilots, cabin crew, ground staff, ATC, employees of aviation companies, office personnel, aviation enthusiasts to name a few! Members of the LGBTIQ+ community and beyond - allies included!

By joining our European chapter, you will have direct access to local events, community resources, regional fly-ins, webinars, mentoring opportunities and an entire network of like-minded people who can’t wait to network and socialize. 

Join us as we grow and expand ourselves throughout Europe.


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