Homophobia / Transphobia Reporting

Your NGPA Advocacy committee would like to hear from you if you have experienced a specific incident of homophobia or transphobia within the context of flight operations.

NGPA Advocacy volunteers collect de-identified data for informational and statistical purposes. By reporting instances of homophobia and transphobia, you are assisting the NGPA in quantifying the level of inclusiveness (or lack thereof) experienced by its lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender members.

If you choose to report an incident, your identity (if known to the NGPA) will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to any entity or organization outside of the NGPA without your written permission.

Please click on the confidential button below and include as much or as little detail as you feel comfortable providing. An NGPA Advocacy volunteer will be in contact with you shortly.


The NGPA has confidential member-counselors available to help. Please feel free to use these resources as much as necessary.


Report an Incident