In 1990, our first event was held in Provincetown, Mass., and it included a handful of gay pilots. Communication was by telephone, and members were identified by having an airplane on their shirt. During that time, members risked losing their job or being discharged from the military if they were outed as gay.

This eventually evolved into a national organization, and we're excited to continue to celebrate that legacy at the next Cape Cod Classic.

We look forward to seeing you all at the 2021 Cape Cod Classic which will be held on September 16th-19th 2021. Save the date! 


The letter below was sent to members on May 27, 2020 regarding the 2020 Cape Cod Classic:

Greetings NGPA Family,

As we continue to deal with the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, I know we are all craving a bit of normalcy back in our lives. These changes to our daily routines and work schedules are lasting far longer than anyone could have imagined. We must remember that while lengthy, these changes are temporary, and things will return to normal when it is safe for them to do so. That desire for normalcy, along with our want for something to look forward to, certainly makes tonight’s announcement especially hard for me. Regretfully, I have made the decision to cancel our 2020 Cape Cod Classic event in September.

This decision has been weighing heavily on me for many weeks now. Our Events Planning Committee and I have spoken to our event sponsors, vendors as well as Provincetown Town Officials; all roads seem to bring us back to a common conclusion. The uncertainty of government restrictions on public gatherings, the possible continued ban on non-essential travel and the concern from the residents of Provincetown of exposure to COVID-19 combine to make planning our event near impossible. In addition, there is a need to provide our members with planning clarity, thus cancelling our 2020 Cape Cod Classic event is the only responsible solution.

In the spirit of the NGPA Family, we will not let this news deter us from “gathering” in this time apart. For this reason, plans are well under way to host our very first NGPA Worldwide gathering over the same weekend our Cape Cod Classic was supposed to occur. Pending local government rules on gatherings, we are planning this event to include multiple small, in-person get togethers throughout our worldwide network. These will be streamed LIVE to form our very first worldwide gathering of NGPA membership. Please stay tuned in the weeks ahead for more information on this event and how you all can get involved.

Thank you for your confidence and support as our organization navigates this challenging time. While we look forward to the time when we can ALL be together as one family at a future event, we must be ready to continuously adapt to the current environment to solidify our future into the next 30 years. It makes me proud to see our members band together in support of one another during this adversity. Until I see you all in person again, take care of yourselves and continue to take care of each other.

With warm regards,

Brian Gambino

Set against the classic backdrop of New England, the Cape Cod Classic is the NGPA's flagship East Coast event. It is always a member favorite, and is held in the gayest town in the world, Provincetown, which provides a unique and fun environment that is highly accessible due to its proximity to Boston.

The Cape Cod Classic provides our members an intimate opportunity to experience Provincetown while bonding over our common love of aviation. The event features breakout sessions, a general aviation-themed keynote address, fly-in, and formal dinner banquet, among other activities.

Our event app describes the weekend's events in great detail and also includes important travel and transportation logistics as well as attendee networking opportunities. Check back early fall to download the app. 

We hope you'll join us on Cape this September!