Pride 2024 is right around the corner, and NGPA's DFW Metroplex Flyers invites you to come celebrate in Dallas, Texas May 31 – June 3, 2024!

NGPA chapters are trying something new and a little different this year with a Pride Focus City. Get ready to join the excitement in Dallas or at our other chapters for unforgettable pride celebrations. DFW Metroplex Flyers chapter hosts NGPA’s Pride Focus City presented by Piedmont Airlines.


The following FBOs have provide special NGPA rates for this event.  Please contact them if you would like to use their services:

Jet Aviation KDAL (Dallas Love Field)

Security Fee: $7

Service Fee: $50 **Waived with 10+ Gallon Fuel Purchase**

Overnight Parking: $27

Aviator Air at KGPM (Grand Prairie, Tx) (30 min drive to KDAL)

Tie down fee of $10/night has been waived.  Our current fuel rate for 100LL is: $5.59.  We have no other fees. 

Million Air KADS (Addison)

No tie downs and limited on hangar space.  Your planes would simply be on a ramp and chocked.  Current rates are as follows: 

For single-engine piston aircraft: 100LL $8.61 per gallon (subject to change)

Overnight ramp parking: $25.00 per night per aircraft

Ramp Fee (waived with 15 gallons or a topoff): $50.00

Atlantic at KDAL (Dallas Love Field) 

Facility fee :$40 (minimum gallons to waive n/a)

Security fee: $10

Parking/Tie Down: $20

Current price for 100LL is :$8.07.

Business Jet Center KDAL (Dallas Love Field) 

Daily fee for piston aircraft is $50 per night. This stands with fuel uplift and minimum being waived. Current retail price for 100LL is $9.49. Waived security fee and facility fee. As much as advanced notice is greatly appreciated, but can work around this.
Fees being waived:
Security Fee - $35 per day
Facility Fee - $75 per day/waived with 15 gallons uplift

Jet Access Redbird KRBD (Dallas Executive)

Jet Access Redbird/Dallas Executive (RBD) At our location, we currently do not have fuel minimums and we do not charge any landing, handling, facility, or ramp fees.
Our ramp space is free of charge for daily transient parking, and we may have hangar space available for an additional nightly fee.