Upon discovering the NGPA, many people feel as if they have found where they belong. 
That's because the NGPA is about community.

We are a home for LGBTQ people with a love for aviation; we are a vehicle that connects those with shared passions. We invite you to join our family and connect with people from many different backgrounds, all of whom have found a shared home at NGPA.

General Aviation

General Aviation members are the cornerstone of NGPA, and many General Aviation members first come into contact with the NGPA through their involvement with one of our many local chapters. In recognition of the important role of General Aviation, the NGPA strives to provide support and enrichment by sponsoring local fly-ins, private pilot scholarships, and interesting General Aviation speakers at our events.

Come and join the camaraderie that the LGBTQ General Aviation experience has to offer!


Our NGPA General Aviation Sponsors

For NGPA Sponsor Opportunities Contact:

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