NGPA members who wish to make a career in the aerospace industry or who work elsewhere and wish to increase the margin of safety and fun in General Aviation are invited to apply for the NGPA Scholarship Program. Explore how you can learn, prepare, and finally apply during our next application window. please read all the information available below before submitting an opportunity profile.

Our 2024 Opportunity Profile is now open below. This is your first step in applying for the 2024 Scholarship Program. Application finalization is coming in June 2024.

New for 2024

Name change from “Scholarship Application” to “Opportunity Profile” --  As applicant numbers increase, the selection process evolves, and NGPA proudly continues to expand its offerings beyond just cash scholarships, a name change has become appropriate.  NGPA’s scholarship application form, located at  SmarterSelect, is now called the Opportunity Profile. 

Returning applicants will use their existing SmarterSelect credentials to access the Opportunity Profile (2023 application) and make updates as required. 

New applicants will create their SmarterSelect credentials and fill out the Opportunity Profile for the first time.  

General Aviation-Only Track Option --   Members who know that they do not wish to pursue an aerospace career may choose the General Aviation track as their aerospace goal.  Selection of this option excludes the applicant from consideration of career-track unique scholarships, and instead opens them to consideration for GA-unique scholarships.  Likewise, applicants who choose other (career track) aerospace goals will NOT be considered for GA-unique scholarships.  This is designed such that scholarships and opportunities designated for the NGPA GA community members are allocated within the NGPA GA community.  

Rest assured -- this question will be clearly delineated.  Applicants will have to actively choose to remove themselves from consideration for career-track unique scholarships.    

Opportunity Profiles stay unlocked until the closure of the application window – in previous years, applicants were locked out of their application after opting to submit, unable to make updates.  This year, applicants may submit anytime after all required questions are answered and may update as often as they like until the closure of the application window.  At the closure of the application window, all applications will be locked, and no further updates can be made.  

After semifinalists are selected, SSC will unlock their Opportunity Profile and send them an invitation with a link to continue the application process.  

No essays in the Opportunity Profile -- only short answer responses remain.  Applicants selected to continue the application process will be invited to complete essays. 

No scholarship preferences in the opportunity profile – these questions will be removed.  Applicants will be asked more detailed questions on their aviation goals instead.  Applicants selected to continue the application process will then be invited to list their scholarship preferences.