Ascend Mentorship Program

Introducing NGPA’s Ascend Mentorship Program

For over 30 years NGPA has worked to Build, Support, and Unite the LGBTQ+ aviation community worldwide and we are proud to offer a mentorship program to our members to continue that mission. The Ascend Mentorship Program is designed to support the next generation of LGBTQ+ aviation professionals, general aviators, and community leaders.

What are the goals of the Ascend Mentorship Program?

The Ascend Mentorship Program aims to:

  • Help LGBTQ+ people in aviation achieve personal growth and reach their aviation and/or professional goals.

  • Create opportunities for new members to build relationships and connections within the organization and in their career field by encouraging engagement with fellow NGPA members.

  • Build a culture of mentorship and make mentorship an everyday activity that we practice throughout NGPA.

Who is the program for?

Any member of NGPA can sign up for a mentor or mentee. The program is for NGPA members seeking guidance on fulfilling their aviation aspirations or pursuing a career in aviation. This includes, but is not limited to: students, people new to aviation, pilots of all types, professionals looking to upgrade, and anyone looking to better connect with our LGBTQ+ aviation community.

How are mentors and mentees paired?

Participants in the Ascend Mentorship Program will create their mentor or mentee profile in Qooper, our mentorship software platform. The software will make suggested matches based on several variables: language, location, demographics, interests, goals, etc. Mentors and mentees will have the option to choose form the suggested matches, or search the participant list for something more specific, for example: Seattle, CFI, Seaplane, United Airlines, etc. Mentors will have the option to chose how many mentees they are willing to accept each year (default is set to two). Mentees will be restricted to two mentors each year.

When does the program start and how long does it run?

The Ascend Mentorship Program is currently open to all NGPA Members- both mentors and mentees. Use the appropriate link below to join or access the program. Once paired with your mentor or mentee, each relationship will last one year. 

How do I Join the Program?

To join the program as a mentor or mentee you must be a current NGPA member. The sign up process is three simple steps and takes approximately 15 minutes. Click the button below to join the NGPA’s Ascend Mentorship Program.

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Left photo: Liz and Aaron (paired in 2017)
Right photo: Ryan and Amber (paired in 2019)

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