Advocacy Advisory Council

NGPA's Advocacy Advisory Council (AAC) is made up of 8 NGPA members that represent the body of the organization to address advocacy issues and needs as they arise. This council is led by two co-chairs, one member being an outside council expert on LGBTQ advocacy issues. This council is designed to address needs from NGPA members and committees to prepare a position, statement, or response, if recommended with a majority, to NGPA leadership. This proactive arm in advocacy for NGPA will ensure our efforts and resources are best utilized and in line with NGPA's mission and vision. The current AAC is made up of the following members:

Cole Goldenberg
Jeff Montgomery
Joshua Rebel
Julie Tizard
Karl Johnson (Co-Chair)
Kathi Durst
Randi Robertson
Terry Stone (Co-Chair)

You may contact the AAC at [email protected] to address any issues or concerns that you personally have experienced or witnessed or anything you believe NGPA, your organization, should be considering.  

General Advocacy Efforts

NGPA’s Advocacy Program is making a difference in the lives of pilots every day. From working to help pilots regain their medicals to combating discrimination we're hard at work for you.

We believe that inclusive, professional flight deck environments are key to good pilot morale and safe flight operations. These programs and efforts expand into flight schools, universities, aviation businesses, FAA, and all facets of aviation. Our partnerships include leading aviation advocacy organizations and industry stakeholders that unite as a robust team to make flight decks more inclusive for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pilots.

NGPA offers assistance to airline management teams in the development of LGBTQ training specifically targeted to flight operations/flight deck crew members, consistent with inclusiveness themes and messaging provided in existing training initiatives.

We are proud to assist airlines aviation organizations by performing reviews of existing personnel policies and procedures pertaining to hostile work environments. This helps ensure that LGBTQ-specific issues are as equally and thoroughly covered and consistently implemented with similar issues (e.g., sexual harassment, racism, etc.).

University Campuses and Flight Schools

NGPA is currently establishing local student chapters at flight schools and universities across the country. If you are a current student, faculty member, or alumnus interested in getting a group up and running at your school, we are eager to work with you.

Start a University Chapter


FAA Medical Certification Issues Specific to LGBTQ Aviators

NGPA is committed to advocating for changes to the FAA medical certification process for transgender pilots to ensure a process that is consistent, fair, and timely.

Additionally, NGPA continues to monitor the FAA medical certification process for pilots affected by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and will actively advocate for changes as required.

Have you faced discrimination?

If you have faced discrimination, homophobia, or transphobia in aviation, we need to hear about your experiences in detail in order to effectively move our initiative forward. Your confidential report will allow the NGPA to:

  • Collect data about the state of LGBTQ diversity and inclusiveness in the flight deck.

  • Identify and track specific issues and trends.

  • Focus our efforts on areas that cause the most discomfort for our membership.

  • Monitor progress.

The Advocacy Team needs your help!

We are always keeping our eyes and ears open for those who are passionate about making a difference and come equipped with the skills and experience to do so. If you are interested in joining NGPA’s Advocacy Committee, please e-mail us at [email protected] with an introduction about yourself and why you would like to work with us! No advocacy experience? No problem! Bring your enthusiasm and we will show you the rest!