Upon discovering the NGPA, many people feel as if they have found where they belong. 
That's because the NGPA is about community.

We are a home for LGBTQ people with a love for aviation; we are a vehicle that connects those with shared passions. We invite you to join our family and connect with people from many different backgrounds, all of whom have found a shared home at NGPA.


The Women’s Committee is a unique niche of females from all aspects of the aviation community. From general aviation enthusiasts to all-female airline crews and even some of the first female fighter pilots, NGPA women find a cohesive environment within the NGPA and the aviation community.  

While women make up roughly 6% of pilots worldwide, they are underrepresented in other aspects of aviation as well. The Women’s Committee concentrates its efforts in supporting these women by providing an avenue to meet and connect with one another; and to become a constant, visible presence that provides resources to our membership. Celebrating the successes and accomplishments of women worldwide is at the heart of the committee.

Special events take place throughout the year specifically geared towards addressing the needs and concerns of our female LGBTQ aviation community. Volunteer, engage in your local chapter, or just mingle at one of our NGPA events!

If you’d like to learn more about the Women’s Committee and available resources please send an email to [email protected] or find us on Facebook – Women of NGPA.