Upon discovering the NGPA, many people feel as if they have found where they belong. 
That's because the NGPA is about community.

We are a home for LGBTQ people with a love for aviation; we are a vehicle that connects those with shared passions. We invite you to join our family and connect with people from many different backgrounds, all of whom have found a shared home at NGPA.


The Women’s Committee is a subset of the NGPA promoting further diversity and inclusion within the organization. We represent the underrepresented in aviation: women, femme, and female-identifying members of our LGBTQ community. Our mission is to foster inclusivity, advocate, and educate on behalf of our members.  

We strive to create a place where our members feel belonging and are able to connect with their community. Our membership includes pilots, flight instructors, students, mechanics, air traffic controllers, flight attendants, dispatchers, schedulers, human resources professionals, recruiters, and more. Throughout the year we host various social events both independently and in conjunction with larger NGPA events.  

In the United States, Women represent 10% of all pilots, 3% of all airplane mechanics, and 20% of all aviation dispatchers. These numbers do not accurately represent the population and have remained stagnant in aviation as compared to other industries. In an effort to reduce the barriers to entry and retention for women, we work alongside our allies to advocate for change. This includes use of gender neutral language, non-gendered uniforms, and inclusive family leave policies. Each year we host panels, breakout sessions, and workshops dedicated to addressing the issues we see. 

If you are interested in becoming involved with the Women’s Committee or volunteering at an upcoming event, please connect with us! Find us on Facebook: Women of NGPA, Instagram: @ngpa_women, or email us at [email protected].  

Events you can find us at: 

  • NGPA Industry Expo and Winter Warm Up 

  • Women in Aviation International Conference 

  • EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 

  • Cape Cod Classic 

  • NGPA Inclusion Summit 

  • Girls in Aviation Day 

  • Local Chapter Events