All around you, NGPA Scholarship Selection Committee (SSC) members work quietly as stewards to one of NGPA’s most precious assets – its scholarship and opportunity program.   

SSC seeks detail-oriented members to help evaluate application packages and objectively score them based on how well the applicant embodies NGPA’s mission and priorities. Together we hope to build a gold standard among scholarship programs within our industry.  

2024 evaluators can anticipate spending about 20-25 hours in the evaluation process from June-August. 

We believe there is no such thing as “too many evaluators” on the SSC.  We do have minimum qualifications and guidelines we aspire to hone.  Ideal candidates for the SSC committee have the following attributes: 

  • Member in good standing for 3 out of the past 4 years; 

  • Possess a Commercial Pilot Certificate or A&P Certificate (or both!) 

  • Is not a current applicant and understands he/she/they will not be considered for any NGPA scholarships in the future; 

  • Trustworthy and above reproach in their maintenance of professional, personal, and system integrity; 

  • Undergoing no financial troubles preceding or during their tenure as Chair. 

  • Previous experience evaluating an individual’s performance in an academic or aerospace industry environment. 

If you are interested in joining the Scholarship Selection Committee in this vital work, email [email protected]