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Over the past few months, myself and Charlie Williams (Chair, University & Flight School Chapters) have had the opportunity to visit in person with our student chapters. After each visit, I find myself at a loss for words to describe how proud I am of the hard work NGPA students are investing into their communities. They are representing not only the LGBTQ+ community but the entire NGPA as a collective membership. From tabling events, to study sessions, new student orientations, to hosting an entire symposium (yes!), what I’ve been able to witness is nothing short of inspiring. It’s no wonder our chapters have grown to over 20 in just a short while.


Pencil, Pen, or Pad?: A Guide to Pilot Logbook Requirements and Options

For pilots, keeping an accurate and up-to-date logbook is not just a regulatory requirement; it's a crucial tool for tracking flight hours, experience, and accomplishments. Whether you're a student pilot embarking on your aviation journey or a seasoned aviator with years of flying under your belt, understanding the logbook requirements and exploring the available options is essential. Whether you want an old-school bound notebook with your daily flights or a sleek (but sometimes expensive) digital record, there's a product out there that fits just about every aviator's record-keeping needs. 

NOV. 15 Twin City Flyers Happy Hour

NOV. 16 | Atlanta Stick and Rudder November Get Together 

NOV. 17 | DFW Metroplex Flyers Fruity, Groovy, Boujee Hibachi & Sushi

NOV. 18 | South Florida Mach1 Flyers November Happy Hour and Game Night 

NOV. 18 | NGPA Australia Brisbane City Brunch 

DEC. 2 | Gulf Coast Flyers Holiday Soirée

DEC. 2 | NGPA Australia Melbourne Holiday Dinner

DEC. 3 | NYC Gotham Flyers Holiday Brunch

DEC. 8 | Cleveland Rock & Roll Aviators Holiday Jingle and Mingle 

DEC. 8 | Denver Mile High Flyers Annual Holiday Party

DEC. 9 | Arch City Aviators Holiday Party in Columbus 

DEC. 9 | DFW Metroplex Flyers HoliGay Soirée

DEC. 9 | Windy City Flyers Holiday Party

DEC. 9 | NGPA Australia Sydney Holiday Dinner

DEC. 10 | New England Yankee Flyers Wicked Breakfast and Cookie Swap

DEC. 12 | South Florida Mach1 Flyers Big Gay Holiday Soirée

DEC. 14 | Twin City Flyers Holiday Happy Hour

DEC. 15 | Sin City Flyers Chapter Kickoff Holiday Extravaganza 

DEC. 16 | Wasatch Wings Holiday Party 

DEC. 16 | NGPA Australia Brisbane Holiday Dinner

DEC. 19 Washington DC Out on the Runway Holiday Dinner

FEB. 15-18 | Industry Expo and Winter Warm-Up

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