How do I sign up as a mentor or mentee? 

The sign up process takes approximately 15 minutes and is 3 simple steps: watch an orientation video, acknowledge the mentorship Code of Conduct, and create a profile with Qooper.  

Visit and select the Join Ascend Now button.  

How do I match with a mentor or mentee? 

After the sign up process is complete, log in to Qooper and select the Mentoring tab at the top. Then select Find Mentors/Mentees. From here you can search using keywords (e.g., United, Sea Plane, Seattle, Captain, CFII, etc.) or pick from the list of suggestions that Qooper has provided using their matching algorithm. The suggested matches will change when you refresh your browser.  

Who starts the conversation? 

Anyone can initiate a relationship and start the conversation; however, we do intend for this program to be mentee driven – lowering the burden on our volunteer mentors.  

Ideally, the mentees would find a mentor, reach out to this person, schedule meetings, set goals, and stay proactive in the relationship. Mentors are welcome to do the same, but the mentee is the member that benefits the most and is ultimately responsible for their success in the program.  

Initial communication is through Qooper. After that we encourage you to decide what communication channel works best for the relationship (e.g., Qooper, phone, text, email, etc.). For privacy, your phone number is not displayed in your Qooper profile.  

How frequently should I communicate with my mentor or mentee? 

This is entirely up to the Mentor / Mentee pairing and based on availability and scheduling.  Qooper sends out monthly topics to strike up a conversation, however, mentors and mentees can talk on a more frequent cadence if desired.  

How long does the program last? 

Once paired, your relationship will last for 11 months. After that we encourage you to stay in contact as friends or colleagues, yet in an unofficial capacity. Having a formal end date provides closure and allows us to use our mentor resources for the entire organization.  

Are Qooper’s Learning Steps required? 

No. The Steps you receive from Qooper are suggestions and are there to guide your relationship (if needed). If you have developed your own organic process, the Steps can be disregarded. If you choose to use them, there are nine Steps (also referred to as Learning Objectives) and they are spaced at 5-week intervals.  

What if my match does not work out?  

Not every match is a home run. This is anticipated and we never want to force a connection that is not working. In this case, simply communicate your intentions to your mentee/mentor and use the Conclude Connection link on their profile. You are now welcome to search for a new mentor/mentee.