Chapter Leader/Coordinator 

Deadline to apply: Each chapter open until filled. 

Position Objective & Purpose

The Role of a local chapter leader is to be the primary coordinator for a local chapter in charge of organizing local events and get together opportunities, as well as communicate these to local members – or to establish other key local chapter volunteers to facilitate these tasks and ensure the chapter is maintaining activity throughout the calendar year. The Chapter leader/coordinator also serves as the main point of contact between NGPA and the chapter.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

Coordinate at least 4 local chapter get-togethers (events) per calendar year.

Plan meetings, keep notes, and coordinate with NGPA and other chapters.

Coordinate and maintain finances for the chapter, manage reimbursements from NGPA, and ensure NGPA Financial Operating Procedures are followed for the local chapter.

Ensure chapter guidelines are followed.

Maintain annual calendar of events and contact information for the local chapter on the NGPA website and local chapter Facebook group.

Create engaging event descriptions to be used for email and facebook events.

Eventually – recruit local volunteers to help support the chapter and offload tasks in event planning, communication via Facebook and email copy, and more.

Respond to incoming emails within a timely manner.

Generally, promote giving to NGPA from the community.

Position Expectations

Current member of NGPA.

Resident of region serviced by the chapter.

Ability to commit roughly 3-8 hours of time a month depending on current activities occurring within the organization.

Ability to creatively develop events and get together with foundational guidance from NGPA.


Experience with Excel.

Experience with membership or team management.

Ability to attend at least 50% of NGPA Operations Calls.

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New Orleans, LA
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