Profile: Nicholas Morgan, NGPA Purdue President

Student spotlight on Nicholas Morgan

(NavEgaytor, December 2018)

Nicholas is a Senior at Purdue University who is graduating in December 2018. Upon graduation, he will intern for Delta Air Lines in Atlanta.

Where are you from? Milwaukee, WI

Why did you choose Purdue? What year/major are you? I chose Purdue because if its size and its Jet Program. Senior, graduating in December 2018. Majoring in Professional Flight Technology. Minor in LGBT Studies.

If flying, what certificate are you working on? I am a Commercial Pilot with Multi and Instrument ratings

What are your career goals both for finishing your education and beyond graduation? After graduation, I will be moving to Atlanta to go to work as an intern for Delta Air Lines.

What inspired your interest in aviation? My Grandpa, who recently passed away. As a young child, I would regularly visit him and my grandmother in Oshkosh, WI. Almost every visit he would take me to the EAA museum where I would spend hours in awe of all the flying machines in the museum’s collection. One summer, we went to AirVenture air show together and took a ride in the Ford Trimotor. As I grew, so did my interest in aviation. In middle school, my dad had a friend who owned a farm with a private grass strip on the property. One day after school, my dad and I drove out to his friend’s farm where the friend was waiting with a pristine yellow Piper Cub. He helped me into the front seat, hand propped the engine and taxied out. As we cleared the golden trees that fall day in Southeastern Wisconsin, I caught the bug. If my passion for aviation wasn’t cemented visiting the EAA with my grandpa and flying the Trimotor, it certainly was rendered irreversible that fall flight in the Piper Cub.

Let’s talk family… Siblings? Ancestry? Ties to aviation? My only family tie to aviation is the fact that my grandpa briefly took flying lessons while stationed at Ft. Knox as an Army medical. His ongoing fascination with aviation, and him introducing me to aviation via the EAA are the reason I’m in this industry.

Did/do you play sports? In high school, I ran cross county, was a long and triple jumper on the track team, was varsity on the downhill ski racing team, and was on the swim team. In college, I dabbled in pick-up ultimate, ride my bike, and swim (but not competitively anymore).

How long have you been a member of the NGPA? Since 2016

How did you get involved in the NGPA, the chapter? I was first introduced to the EAA while attending AirVenture with the Company I was interning for at the time. The people I met were absolutely incredible so I joined as soon as the show was over. As far as my chapter goes, I saw a need for the work NGPA does at Purdue, so I decided to found a chapter here.

What does being part of NGPA mean to you? The NGPA provides a community and a support network. I haven’t attended any flagship events but I have attended Oshkosh with NGPA for the past 2 years now. The connections I have built at Oshkosh have become some of my best friends. NGPA feels like summer camp sometimes. The people are some of your best friends and every time you see them you pick right up where you left off without missing a beat.

How has being a member of the LGBTQ+ community affected your life/education/career aspirations? Being queer is central to my life. Throughout my career, I intend to do everything I can to work towards true equality, and true Queer Liberation. My Queerness informed my decision to pursue a minor in LGBT studies. My Queerness has shaped my worldview, all oppression is connected, no one is free until all of us are free. As a white gay man, I have a responsibility to use my privilege to work and advocate for trans liberation and black liberation, to fight economic inequality, and to fight to end conversion therapy.

Have you done any internships? Two rounds of summer internships for Freight Runners Express. I will be interning for Delta Air Lines beginning in January.


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