Celebrating Our Chapter Volunteers and Reflecting on 2023 Wins

In the heart of this month's theme—Celebrating our Chapter Volunteers—we extend our gratitude to the individuals shaping the essence of our NGPA chapters. Volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization, infusing enthusiasm, expertise, and a shared love for aviation into everything they do. Our chapters exemplify the spirit of unity and support that defines the NGPA.

As we express our appreciation for the dedication and passion of our chapter volunteers, we’d like to take a glance at the significant wins of 2023 for the NGPA Board of Directors. This year witnessed internal realignments and transformative changes, starting with the leadership transition to our new Executive Director, Justin Ellixson-Andrews. Under his guidance, we've experienced a renewed vision, driving us toward a future filled with promise.

Simultaneously, the Board completed our transition to a governance model, ensuring strategic oversight and effective decision-making. This shift positions us to be agile and responsive while maintaining the appropriate level of oversight for the needs of our growing organization. Complementing this change, the board, together with the operations team, have taken significant steps to realign the budget to the fiscal year, creating a more efficient foundation for financial stability and sustainability. This commitment to responsible fiscal management sets the stage for the NGPA's continued growth and impact.

On behalf of the board, I’d like to express our thanks for the remarkable work of our chapter volunteers. Your dedication propels the NGPA forward, creating spaces where individuals can connect, share experiences, and build lasting friendships. In essence, our chapters are the lifeline of our community, fostering inclusivity and providing a sense of belonging.

As we raise a virtual toast to our incredible chapter volunteers, we also celebrate the victories that have shaped our organization in 2023. Your commitment ensures the NGPA remains a beacon of support and unity for the LGBTQ aviation community.


Safe skies and warm regards,

Scott Konzem Chair, Board of Directors