Message from the Executive Director November 2023

Hello Friends,

Over the past few months, myself and Charlie Williams (Chair, University & Flight School Chapters) have had the opportunity to visit in person with our student chapters. After each visit, I find myself at a loss for words to describe how proud I am of the hard work NGPA students are investing into their communities. They are representing not only the LGBTQ+ community but the entire NGPA as a collective membership. From tabling events, to study sessions, new student orientations, to hosting an entire symposium (yes!), what I’ve been able to witness is nothing short of inspiring. It’s no wonder our chapters have grown to over 20 in just a short while.

In local chapter news, I’m honored to also recognize our Chapter Directors, as well as Texas-Twosome Cole Kerns & Eric Mann (Co-Chairs, National Chapters) for hosting a record number of events this year. *Drum Roll*… EIGHTY-NINE! How incredible! The local chapter network NGPA has built is the envy among our peer organizations, who often ask me, “how are you [NGPA] able to do that.” It’s astonishing to see just how engaged NGPA members are across the US and around the world. This grassroots approach is what will continue to advance & grow our organization. To help support these chapters even more, NGPA has allocated even more funding to its chapters in this year’s annual budget. With this added support, I am sure we will continue to shatter records, and I look forward to sharing more of the impact NGPA has on local communities.

With (beaming) Pride,