The following frequently-asked questions and answers have been provided to address some of the questions new members have posed to us. We hope they will answer some of your questions, too. If you have further questions, please contact us and we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have about NGPA.

Who belongs to NGPA?
While NGPA was founded by gay pilots as a social group over 25 years ago, we have grown to include advocacy as part of our organizational mission. We welcome everyone from active or inactive aviators to the aviation enthusiast––and everyone in between! Our membership is comprised almost equally of general aviation and professional pilots in addition to non-pilot aviation industry professionals and spouses.

How does NGPA provide advocacy for its members?
NGPA has fought hard in recent years to meet and beat industry discrimination wherever it affects our aviators. From collaborating with major airlines, to embracing inclusionary work practices, to having a presence at conferences like Women in Aviation or the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, NGPA is there. NGPA also keeps abreast of issues specific to the gay aviator, such as those that might arise with the FAA medical process.

NGPA is a fully tax-exempt 501(c) (3) organization
Your support of NGPA is fully tax deductible under the IRS code. Like any non-profit, NGPA needs the ongoing support of its members. As of 2015, our change in status to a 501(c)(3) means your contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Is NGPA just for pilots?
No. NGPA is primarily composed of professional and general aviation pilots, it is open to student pilots and those in the aviation industry, as well as aviation enthusiasts. We have many members who are mechanics, air traffic controllers, flight attendants, or are in aircraft/insurance sales.

Are most NGPA members professional pilots?
NGPA pilots are approximately a 50/50 mix of general aviation pilots and professional pilots. Our membership also includes active duty military pilots and aviation professionals.

Are there any women in the organization?
Approximately five percent of our members are women. We have a women’s coordinator, and we have had a booth at the Women In Aviation conference for the last several years hoping to attract more female members.

Is the membership information kept confidential?
Yes. NGPA does not sell or distribute membership information to anyone. Furthermore, financial transactions via the website are secure, and credit card information is only saved at the member’s option. Visibility of website profile information is controlled by each member.

Can I be a member of NGPA and not receive any snail-mail?
Yes. When setting up your profile, a primary address is a required field. However, you can direct all snail-mail (traditional USPS mail pieces) to the secondary address field which you can point to the address of the NGPA HQ. The quarterly magazine and is the only regularly occurring snail-mail piece, and you can also opt out of receiving it.

Are donations to the NGPA Education Fund tax deductible?
Yes. The NGPA Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) chartible organization. Donations to the NGPA Education Fund are tax-deductible. Always check with an accounting professional for your own circumstances.

Do you have to be gay to apply for a scholarship?
No. The NGPA Education Fund does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. It does require the applicant to submit an essay documenting the applicant’s service in contributing to the LGBT community in some positive way.

Your Privacy Matters
NGPA respects your privacy and does not sell or distribute your information to anyone. All transactions on our website are also secure with an option to save your details. You can also control how much information of your online profile is visible by others. Publications are also available in electronic format.