NGPA Frequent Flyer Program

Support the NGPA by putting your donations on Autopilot as an NGPA Frequent Flyer. Pick a fleet type or build your own custom donation and you’re ready for takeoff! Recurring donations at the Piper M350 level and above instantly qualifies you as an NGPA Flight Deck member. Thank you for supporting the NGPA!


Fleet Type Monthly Donation
C-5 Galaxy $5/month
DC-10 LuxuryLiner $10/month
Cirrus SR22 $22/month
Piper M350 $35/month*
B-52 Stratofortress $52/month*
B-747 Queen of the Skies $74/month*
F-117 Nighthawk $117/month*
Rutan Long-EZ Homebuilt $custom/month






*Setting up recurring donations at these levels will immediately qualify the member for a Flight Deck membership at the appropriate level based on the amount of the donation.

1. Amount

Paid monthly

2. Your information

Contributions are tax deductible.

3. Payment information

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