NGPA Awards over $150,000 For Aviation Scholarships

St. Louis Park, MN, December 12, 2019 – The National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) announces the winners of over $150,000 in aviation scholarships.  In the 21st year of offering scholarships, the NGPA has set a record for the number of awards and the amount given to aspiring students who are pursuing a career or furthering their skills in aviation.  In the spirit of promoting inclusion for everyone in aviation, NGPA scholarships are open to all applicants regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Those submitting applications must demonstrate their support for the LGBTQ community through their activism and volunteer activities while also being an active member or ally member of the NGPA.   

NGPA scholarships are made possible through the generous contributions of its members and sponsorship partners. Airlines offering scholarships through the NGPA this year included American, Delta, United, Alaska, FedEx, Envoy, and Piedmont. When asked about the support of NGPA scholarships by the aviation industry, NGPA President David Pettet commented, “We could have only dreamed just a few short years ago where this program is today. Through our members and corporate partners, we continue to enable life-changing opportunities for people passionate about aviation.  Our scholarship program continues to grow and become one of the largest in the industry. I couldn’t be prouder as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of our organization.”

The scholarships and their recipients for 2019 are:

  • United Airlines Advanced Flight Training, $6,000: Jacquelyn Emery, Trent Koenig
  • American Airlines Advanced Flight Training, $6,000: Nicole Lund, Ryan Cho, Tresten McKay
  • Delta Air Lines Advanced Flight Training, $6,000: Dilon Fuller, Niah Thomas
  • FedEx Advanced Flight Training, $6,000: Kathleen Ongena
  • Envoy Air Inc. Advanced Flight Training, $6,000: Angelica Dickerson
  • Piedmont Airlines Advanced Flight Training, $6,000: Alyssa Ciardiello
  • Alaska Airlines and K&S Aviation Boeing 737 Type Rating: Forrest Ohnhaus
  • Steven Moore Memorial, $6,000: Leah Murphy
  • David Charlebois Memorial, $6,000: Alyssa Ciardiello
  • Buttgenbach Foundation Private Pilot, $10,000: Jordan Peterson
  • NGPA Private Pilot, $6,000: Shakar Soltani, Alfredo De Jesus Ruiz, Stephanie Przybylski
  • NGPA Instrument, $6,000: Marin Urrutia Priola, Samuel Schino, Aylin Sanchez
  • NGPA Commercial, $6,000: Nobi Buntin, Tylor Degraaf, Victor Bard
  • NGPA Seaplane, $3,000: Christopher Olmstead
  • NGPA Tailwheel, $1,000: Hugo Pomarico

Additionally, Coradine Aviation, makers of professional pilot logbook software LogTen Pro, will provide every applicant with one-year of complimentary access to their 3-platform (iPhone, iPad and Mac) service, a $130 value. 

An awards ceremony will take place in Palm Springs, California on February 8, 2020 at the NGPA’s flagship Winter Warm-Up and Industry Expo presented by United Airlines. Scholarship recipients will also receive paid accommodations and transportation to the event where many of the scholarship sponsors will present the awards personally to the recipients. “The caliber of this year’s 270 applicants was truly outstanding.  They represent the future of aviation and we are so thrilled to help our successful candidates get closer to achieving their dreams,” said incoming NGPA President Brian Gambino.


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