NGPA Calls for Continued and Expanded Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

St. Louis Park, MN, October 7, 2020 – As we celebrate National Diversity Week, NGPA calls for continued and expanded private and public investment in diversity, equity, and inclusion training.  National Diversity Week, started in 1998, seeks to raise awareness about the diversity which has shaped, and continues to shape, the United States. 

Brian Gambino, NGPA’s President, asserts the need for diversity training saying, “Whether it's combating racism, gender stereotypes, or homophobia and transphobia, we believe in the importance and value of diversity, equity and inclusion training that benefits everyone.”

NGPA offers training on diversity, equity, and inclusion from its Inclusion Training Team (ITT) that has conducted numerous workshops and classes for employee unions, airline leaders, and on aviation university campuses. “Diversity, equity, and inclusion training has come a long way over the decades.” Says NGPA Co-Chair Steve Tustin. “At the NGPA we focus on promoting an inclusive environment for everyone through our Inclusion Training Teams and focus on the benefits that diversity brings to aviation”

Gambino offered, “National Diversity Week allows us to reinforce and amplify previous calls for change while also directing specific action toward training." NGPA stands by women, people of color, and our LGBTQ+ family in fighting for equity, authenticity, and respect everywhere by calling on our aviation and aerospace community to continue and expand diversity, equity, and inclusion training.

For more information on NGPA’s Inclusion Training Team, contact Brian Gambino at [email protected] or visit

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