OTF April 2023 Local Chapter Update

Howdy, NGPA Family!


We’d like to talk about Local Chapters for just a moment and the importance of signing up to receive email & text alerts from your local chapter(s). You can sign up to receive text and email messages from your local chapter by logging in to your NGPA account and going to www.ngpa.org/chaptersignup or by visiting the chapters page on our website. Now you won’t miss a beat on upcoming events around you and the chance to visit with your NGPA Family.

We have seen a serious uptick in local events! This is fantastic news for members in cities across NGPA’s network. These events are often where a potential new member first encounters other NGPA members. We encourage Local Chapter Directors to make these events as accessible, fun, and engaging as possible. Even a simple dinner can majorly impact creating a welcoming environment.

As new event attendees become regular faces at your local chapter events, please encourage them to join NGPA. Our organization offers a myriad of benefits, from social gatherings to aeromedical services, member discounts, mentorship, and much more. The buy-in from members is only $59 per year for a single membership and just $25 per year for a student membership.  

We will roll out new marketing materials soon to help Local Chapters get new members signed up! Please encourage others to join NGPA and signup for their local chapter, here.

We hope to see y’all at a Local Chapter Event soon!!


-Cole and Eric