OTF December Marketing Update

NGPA Family,

We hope everyone is having a successful send-off to the year as we enter the last few days of 2022. Time is moving fast, yet so is the NGPA Marketing Committee. Since taking over just over a month ago, we have set new goals, established strategies for achieving them, and expanded our committee involvement. This past week we onboarded two new members to the Marketing Committee: Brian Weed & Rebekah Hainline.

Brian Weed has been an NGPA member since 2019. He has a resume full of experience related to marketing for large organizations and educational institutions. We welcome him and his tremendous expertise to his role as our Internal Social Media Marketing Liaison.

Rebekah Hainline has been a member since 2018. She is currently a CFI at Western Michigan University (WMU). Her past involvement with NGPA as WMU Chapter Vice President and her superb people skills makes her a perfect fit as our Peer Organization Marketing Liaison.

We are excited to continue on this trajectory and encourage all members to help us. In addition to the updates above, we met with our external Social Media Manager, Nathan Racine. After discussion, we have decided to pause our NGPA Twitter account usage indefinitely. We will continue to meet and plan on the best ways forward. Below you will find a few projects in the works that will help position NGPA’s marketing presence on a firmer footing.

Short-term Projects

  • Release updated NGPA Marketing & Branding Guide (version 5.0)
    • Updates and changes to existing procedures, simplification and merging of documents, and additions of new decals to our toolbox! This project is to be completed in early January 2023.


  • Surpass 10k followers on Instagram
    • We need support from our members to reach this goal! Increasing our followership will unlock new marketing instruments. Please interact with our posts as much as possible by liking, sharing, and reposting with your family, friends, and colleagues. We hope to complete this project by early February 2023.


  • Establish a more professional LinkedIn presence
    • Outlining types and frequency of postings that are consistent with the workplace atmosphere of the platform. Growing this platform is necessary as well so that we can continue to enhance displayed offerings via Career Connection. We hope to implement this project by the middle of Q1 2023.

Long-term Projects

  • Analyze components of OTF to understand what content readers want
  • Establish uniformity within our social media platforms
  • Review and compare quarterly social media analytics to understand opportunities for adaptation and growth


Join our team! To continue great work, we need more talented and dedicated volunteers. Reach out to either of us for more information or if you are interested in getting involved.

We want to hear from you! If you have any questions or ideas for the Marketing Committee, submit them here.


Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

Jacobi Wright Devin Fry
Co-Chair Co-Chair

NGPA Marketing Committee