NGPA Medical Liaison 

Position Objective & Purpose

The NGPA Medical team is responsible for supporting helping members with find resources and answers to common medical needs related to LGBTQ+ aviation. This includes certification, gender transitions, sexually transmitted disease, and more. This role works with other established volunteers to help members in their search of resources and answers.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

  • Support the Medical Team on projects and tasks

  • Monitor the [email protected] email inbox for question

  • Respond to member questions expeditiously

  • Help find resources and guide members to these resources, tools, and support avenues

  • Coordinate with team members and work as a team when needed

Position Expectations

  • Current member of NGPA

  • Medical knowledge and/or experience with medial certification

  • Ability to find available resources, tools, and information to help guide members

  • Ability to commit 1-3 hours of time a week depending on current activities occurring within the organization.

  • Ability to monitor an email account once setup and trained

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