The 2024 Cape Cod Classic will be held September 12-15, 2024

Registration FAQ

When will registration open?

Registration will first open for our Flight Deck level donors in mid/late-June 2024 via email announcement to those members. Following Flight Deck registration opening, our public registration will open a few days later.

When is the latest I can register?

Tickets/registrations for our events are sold on a first-come first-served basis. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to register as soon as possible to ensure you get access to all the events. Our registration platform will formally close on Friday, September 13th, 2024 at 11:59pm ET to new registrations.

Does NGPA offer tickets for sale at the door of events?

We strongly encourage all attendees to register in advance. Limited space may be available at the door for select events highlighted below. Events not highlighted below will not offer walk-up space.

  • Friday Night Social at Boatslip - Limited walk-up tickets may become available 45 minutes after the event starts, only if registered attendee attrition supports walk-up space. 

  • Sunday 1pm Farewell Drag Brunch - Limited walk-up tickets may become available 10 minutes after the event starts, only if registered attendee attrition supports walk-up space. 

Why is walk-up entry limited and/or not available for some events?

NGPA’s vendors and catering companies require headcounts and financial commitments at least a week before our event. Therefore, NGPA can only plan for a small amount of walk-up tickets without putting the organization at financial risk in assuming attendance and the potential loss from overestimating attendance from walk-up ticket revenue. Additionally, catering companies need to order and prepare the correct amount of food for our events to avoid service issues or disruptions. Walk-up tickets make it extremely difficult for NGPA and our catering companies to properly purchase and prepare the correct amount of food and beverage. It is in the financial interest of our organization, members, and donors to closely monitor and limit walk-up capacity for events.

What goes into the cost of NGPA events?

NGPA believes in delivering attendees & members a strong value at our events. Attendees will find our costs are similar or more affordable than many of our peer organizations in the industry when compared.

At first glance some may find NGPA events prices to be high, however, we like to take that opportunity to educate members and attendees on the costs involved in hosting large-scale events. When dealing with hotels, convention centers, and venues some standard costs may surprise you. Did you know that the average hotel charges events between $60 to $125 for one gallon of coffee? In the event industry, especially post COVID inflation, there are many prices and costs that organizations have to adhere to in order to host their events in a venue able to support the quantity of attendees we see today.

We work hard to keep our attendee prices as low as possible without posing a financial risk to the organization, and we are open to feedback and suggestions from our members.

Can I bring a guest?

Additional attendees may register via the registration portal at the same time or separately from your registration purchase. Additional attendees must pay the current published price for the events. We don’t offer complimentary/discounted guest passes as NGPA incurs the same overhead and catering costs for all attendees equally.

Can I bring my child/children?

Children are welcome with their parent/guardian at our events if registered individually. However, parents may find that not all NGPA events are suited to the interests of young children. Please reach out with questions.

Will aviation industry recruiters be present, and will hiring be taking place at the Cape Cod Classic?

Our Cape Cod Classic event is focused on social and professional networking. A hiring event/expo will not be offered during this event. For those looking for a hiring-focused event, please check out our February Industry Expo

What is the registration cancelation policy? 

Cancelations will be granted until Monday, September 2nd at 11:59pm Eastern, with a $35 administrative processing fee. Please see the registration terms and conditions for more details on this policy. 

What do I do if I have special accommodation requests?

If you need additional assistance at NGPA events within or outside of ADA law, please contact us as soon as possible. NGPA will work to support reasonable requests when reasonable notice is provided to our event planning team.