St. Louis Park, MN, April 05, 2022 – In just over two months, the NGPA family will be back together again—this time in a new city, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We are beyond excited to be having our newest flagship event, ‘Wings Over Iowa,’ June 3-5, 2022, hosted by the City of Cedar Rapids. NGPA's objective for this Fly-In and social affair is to build, support, and unite our LGBTQ+ community, someplace new.

Events/Target Audience: All aviation enthusiasts, NGPA members, and sponsors are invited to fly into the Cedar Rapids airport for a great first weekend in pride month. The NGPA aims to give the youth and local community a glimpse into aviation. The major components of this event include a Fly-In, participation in the city’s first Pride Parade, and an aviation block party!

Board Chair Steven Tustin says: “The NGPA is excited to further our mission with even more opportunities to build the LGBTQ+ aviation community for our growing membership. The Wings Over Iowa event will offer a welcoming and accessible opportunity for those with a passion for aviation to unite in the spirit of LGBTQ+ inclusion.”

The purpose of this event is for the NGPA to expand our advocacy and influence around the world. The NGPA hopes to motivate the youth in Iowa so they know a career in the skies can become their reality.

“Inspiring the future of aviation is critical to the mission of NGPA. Our member’s passion for the sky can inspire aviation aspirations when support to achieve one’s flight ratings is more abundant than ever. With an uptick in anti-LGBTQ legislation in Iowa and around the rest of the country, NGPA must bring visibility to LGBTQ people and provide support to those who may feel support does not exist within their communities.” These are encouraging and energizing words from NGPA President Brian Gambino.

This event is yet another opportunity to showcase our diversity and passion for our industry. To fully embrace our aspiration to become EQUAL, AUTHENTIC, and RESPECTED – EVERYWHERE, our organization must engage new communities and spark new inspiration whenever possible.

The NGPA looks forward to seeing you land in KCID, inspire, and depart to continue your efforts in your communities.

The NGPA is a non-profit organization based in Minneapolis. Founded in 1990, NGPA is an international organization of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) aviation professionals and enthusiasts. Our organization aims to encourage individuals to begin aviation careers, foster an environment of equality for LGBTQ+ aviators, promote safety, and establish personal and professional networks. The NGPA makes this a reality through education, outreach, and social events. Our organization is run by a board of directors, executive leadership, and volunteers! For more information, visit