Message from the Executive Director May 2024


A few weeks ago, I hosted a member town hall, where I shared operational updates, insights into our committees, and the general progress of the NGPA. In case you missed it, here are just a few items that were discussed:


  • Membership background: 75% of our total membership comprises pilots. Of the pilot membership, 51% are airline pilots, 39% are in flight training as students or instructors, and 5% are flight attendants or AMTs. We believe information like this presents opportunities to help grow the organization through additional engagements with student organizations as well as furthering the outreach of NGPA to other general aviation fields.
  • We have a board-approved budget of $2.8m for FY23-24 – 2.5x greater than the previous full financial year! With these funds, we are growing the organization through chapter engagements, scholarships, as well as utilizing the funds for mental health and member support services.
  • Our number of chapters and engaged members within chapters continues to grow! There were 110 local chapter events in 2023 – double from 2022! We love to see the passion and involvement of our members and continue to invest in local chapters. We believe strong local engagement is key to supporting members of our community.
  • Thanks to the support of members and other contributions, we were able to award over $500,000 in scholarships to over 40 recipients in 2023. That brings our total of awarded scholarships since we started the program to $1,700,000! Truly life-changing for many of the recipients!


Check out the complete presentation HERE.


These town halls are our way of providing open and transparent updates on the impact of your support. I encourage everyone to actively participate in future town halls and provide your valuable feedback. Your input helps shape the direction of the NGPA and ensures that we continue to serve our community effectively. The next virtual town hall will be on July 11 – more information will be emailed as the date approaches.


With Pride,