Message from the Marketing Team, June 2024

Hello and happy Pride Month from your marketing team!

On behalf of all of us at the NGPA, we want to thank each of you for making 2024 one of our most successful and engaging years on record! Pride Month celebrations would be nothing without the outstanding community surrounding all of us. We hope that many of you were able to join your community at one of the many events that were hosted around the country and abroad, or you plan on joining in on the celebrations that are still to come! We hope to keep this momentum for the remainder of the year, as we have several incredible keystone events on the very near horizon.  

As many of you may know, Jacobi Wright transitioned out of his role as your co-marketing chair in May of this year. We want to once again thank Jacobi for his amazing work revamping and elevating NGPA’s social media and marketing presence to new heights. We wish him the best in his future work with NGPA and professionally!  

As for marketing as a whole, we continue to grow our organization and social media presence month after month.  

Last year, Jacobi and Devin set out some short-term and long-term goals for marketing in the June 2023 issue of On the Fly. We are happy to report on the progress that we have made on those fronts:  


10k Instagram Followers.  

We now have over 11,200 Instagram followers, blowing our original goal out of the water! We are very pleased with our growth over all platforms, which helps to spread the goals of the NGPA to new audiences.



Analyze On the Fly using membership feedback to create content readers want.  

With an open rate of around 60% last month, we’ve seen a significant increase in reader engagement with On the Fly month over month, and we continue to curate resources and content that the membership wants, including new sections for Membership Accomplishments and guest articles. At the bottom of each On the Fly is a section where you can submit feedback, and we hope to hear from you so we can continue to improve our content.


Establish Uniformity over Social Media Platforms:  

Beginning in early 2024, we’ve been working with our marketing partners to develop a strong and consistent brand across all platforms so that we present a unified and polished front for our organization. A brief look at our Instagram feed will show that the efforts are already paying off, as we continue to refine the look of NGPA’s content.  


We acknowledge that we are but a small part of what makes this organization great, and it is through the efforts of countless fantastic volunteers and leaders that we can continue to grow and shape the community into something we can all be proud of and benefit from.


At its core, Pride Month is not just an opportunity to get together with friends old and new for parades and parties. Pride Month was established to honor those activists and advocates who have made it possible for us to hold public celebrations of our identities, exercise our civil rights, and live our most authentic lives. With the opening of the final stage of the Harvey Milk Terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) this month, we are given a fitting symbol of the intersection between the LGBTQ+ and aviation communities. We must remember, however, that there is still plenty of work to be done, especially in our industry. We are excited to be just a small part of the greater movement.  


Happy Pride,  

Devin and Taylor