National Coming Out Day: A Catalyst for LGBTQ+ Equality

National Coming Out Day, an annual day of awareness observed each October, commemorates a vulnerable milestone for the LGBTQ+ community. Much like Pride Month, National Coming Out Day is a powerful and symbolic celebration that serves as a reminder of the progress made in our fight for equality and a call to action for those who continue to face discrimination. This day, observed annually on October 11th, encourages us to embrace our authentic selves by courageously revealing our sexual orientation and gender identity. It also stands as an inspiring testament to our community's resilience, strength, and courage while offering support and hope to those still understanding their identities.


Each coming-out story is as uniquely complex as the entire LGBTQ+ community. We each represent different experiences, backgrounds, and challenges. As someone who grew up in a town rooted in “traditional” values, my coming out looked more like a swinging door, with frequent visits to the ominous closet as I struggled to navigate my journey of living authentically. By sharing our stories, we empower ourselves and educate the broader society about dynamic LGBTQ+ identities.


National Coming Out Day also reminds us of our ongoing battle for LGBTQ+ rights. While progress has undoubtedly been made, discrimination and prejudice still persist. I strongly believe in the power of visibility as a tool to fight stereotypes and foster a sense of solidarity within our community by inspiring others to live authentically. Now more than ever, we must remain steadfast in our pursuit of equality, fight for legislative changes that protect all LGBTQ+ rights, and demand the dismantling of oppressors that embolden discrimination.


Stand up and be heard. Be relentless. Extend a hand to those struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity. Being part of NGPA means you are not alone. Next year will mark 20 years since I officially “came out” (for the first time). Every day since, in one situation or another, I find myself continuing to come out and (re)claim my right to exist. Coming out is a long, never-ending journey… that gets easier with time. Closets are meant for storing, not living.


With Pride,