June 2022

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PRIDE sure "flies by", but our PRIDE flies non-stop at the NGPA. Welcome to the newest ON THE FLY! Take your seat and prepare for takeoff as we depart into another month of NGPA events and adventures!

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Join NGPA Australia at their booth at the Brisbane Airshow!



Summer is heating up and it’s time to grab your Lei and Sarong! Join DFW NGPA for our July Pool Party at Eric Mann’s house. Luau Food will be provided, just bring your favorite beverage... and don't forget your sunscreen!



Escape the summer heat with your NGPA family in Tampa at Enigma on Central at 6pm ET for food and drinks for their July get together!



Save the date, and celebrate another PRIDE event with NGPA EUROPE and EPAN at Berlin PRIDE! 



Head out to Oshkosh this July with your NGPA family and represent the worldwide LGBTQ+ aviation community, all while enjoying the annual airshow!




In the blink of an eye June has come and gone. PRIDE Month across the world offered the extra visibility the LGBTQ+ Community needs to ensure continued conversation and positive learning towards inclusivity. NGPA participated in over six PRIDE events throughout the US and in Europe, showcasing our organizations proud existence in the aviation community. Our participation in these events would not have been possible without the selfless work of our NGPA Local Chapter Volunteers and of course the constant support from our Director of Operations, Luke Schneider. Thanks also goes to our members who continue to show up to represent and support NGPA in our work across the globe. Now more than ever, active participation and support for NGPA is essential, as there is a global decline in volunteerism and participation in non-profit organizations. Showing up for NGPA is immensely important and going the extra mile as a volunteer is truly appreciated. To see current open volunteer positions please click here!

Our 2022 Scholarship Application cycle is now live and offers our members an opportunity to achieve goals in aviation. This year’s program is the largest NGPA has ever offered in a single year! Making it extra special is that we will surpass the 1 Million Dollar mark of awards given to members through the NGPA Scholarship Program. This significant milestone marks a maturing of our program which places NGPA as a major player in the aviation scholarship spectrum. We have set a goal to continue our scholarship programs growth and surpass the 2-million-dollar mark in 5 years’ time. You can help us get there by making a restricted donation to our NGPA scholarship fund by clicking here. We thank you for your support and encourage you to spread the word about our 2022 scholarship program. Applications are accepted through July 31st!

I hope that you all had the opportunity to read our communication regarding NGPA’s stance on the overturning of Roe. You can read our message by clicking here. Freedom of choice is fundamental to our identities in the United States. The further we move away from these freedoms, the more our communities across the nation are divided. Our universal hope is that the voices of advocacy prevail, and the freedoms America are known for remain intact and those removed are restored.

Our ON THE FLY newsletter was born just last year through the incredible talents and efforts of our NGPA Marketing Co-Chair, Hunter Hayes. Hunter’s vision and dedication to a top-tier newsletter has taken NGPA’s publication footprint to the next level and I could not be more thankful for what he has given NGPA. As he prepares to embark on his dream career as an airline pilot, Hunter will be taking a step back from his NGPA volunteer responsibilities so he may fully concentrate on this next phase of his life. As he passes the baton of this newsletter on, we will be looking for someone who has a passion for design and creativity to take the reins of ON THE FLY and continue to deliver on what Hunter has built. Thank you Hunter for your time, talent and dedication, I look forward to passing you at 37,000ft in the near future!

I hope everyone had a sappy and safe Independence Day Weekend. In light of the continued violence we see across the US, please continue to value the time you share with your loved ones. Never leave words of love and appreciation left unsaid. Take chances, lead with love and continue to explore the world. As always, thanks for reading, thank you for your membership and thank you for joining us, ON THE FLY!



Aeronautical decision making... "a systematic approach to the mental process used by pilots to consistently determine the best course of action in response to a given set of circumstances", or as us pilots truly know it: "the process of figuring it out and hope for the best when sh*t hits the fan". I'm sure that many of you can agree that life, much like any flight, tends to throw a great number of surprises our way. Sometimes these are miracles in disguise, and sometimes they end in writing down a phone number. Regardless of the unknown outcome of a given moment, or of life itself, we can utilize the exhilaration of our anticipation for tomorrow as motivation to grow, learn, love, and enjoy life to the fullest, in the now. 

One thing I can honestly tell you I never expected would be spending my very first PRIDE parade strutting down the cheerful streets of Cedar Rapids, Iowa! Coming from a small town in the Midwest, I'm quite familiar with "Midwestern Hospitality", but I promise you that these Iowans take PRIDE to another level. The kindness we received from Cedar Rapids PRIDE, the immense support I witnessed from the local community as we paraded the streets in rainbow decor, and the love and hope I saw in the participants of the parade, PRIDE events, and Cedar Rapids LGBTQ+ community reminds me of the power of love... love always wins.

It was five years ago I joined the NGPA as a college sophomore, still questioning my place in a community I was entirely new to. It was four years ago I began making atrocious flyers to market an aviation-inclusion event the NGPA WMU chapter was hosting. It was three years ago that I attended my first NGPA Winter Warm-Up. It was just over a year ago, amidst the world's "COVID clean-up" I was asked to start this newsletter; to create a publication that informs, educates, and represents you ALL. I hope that I've achieved that goal, and I hope that you've enjoyed this newsletter, ON THE FLY!

If you're interested in helping out with the NGPA Marketing Team, please take some time to review the volunteer position of Marketing Committee Co-Chair and apply! Or find another way to volunteer, and enjoy helping us BUILD, SUPPORT, and UNITE our worldwide community!

Thank you for being my NGPA family.

Until next time—

Clear skies!


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Published: 07.06.2022 at 07:43 PM ET by Hunter Hayes


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