OTF Palm Springs Sneak Peek

Less than a month away! Mark your calendars as our annual 2023 Industry Expo and Winter Warm-Up in sunny Palm Springs, California, is just around the corner. This year, we are very excited to announce that we will have three new keynote speakers that you won’t want to miss!

On Thursday, Marsha Ivins, a former astronaut and veteran of five Space Shuttle missions at NASA, will speak about the science behind human spaceflight, her aviation background, and Space Shuttle aerodynamics.

On Friday, former USAF Major General and Commander of the “Thunderbirds” demonstration team, Brian Bishop, will speak on his career experience, how to develop leadership skills, and what it’s like to be the Commander of the USAF’s high-performance demonstration team.

Additionally on Friday, The Honorable Alex Wagner will be speaking as well. Mr. Wagner was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on June 7, 2022, and sworn in as Assistant Secretary of the Air Force on June 10, 2022. In 2015, during one of his prior roles, Mr. Wagner was appointed Chief of Staff to the Secretary of the Army, shaping policy and outreach for the Secretary while aligning the Army’s civilian and military leadership with the Secretary’s priorities, initiatives, and plans. In this role, he was closely involved in developing and implementing policies opening all combat roles to women, enabling transgender Americans to openly serve their nation, and updating the Army’s uniform and grooming regulations to enhance recruiting and retention of soldiers of faith. In previous appointments in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, he represented DoD equities to the interagency and internationally on issues regarding human rights and the laws of war, strategic and conventional arms control, and nuclear non-proliferation

We are thrilled to bring back keynote speakers to the Industry Expo, and we hope to have even more in 2024. Until then, bundle up and start counting down the days. We hope to see you all there!


Alyssa Ciardiello Dillon Kalla
Chair Co-Chair

NGPA Events Committee