Since 1990 our mission has been simple: to Build, Support, and Unite the LGBTQ aviation community worldwide.


Building an NGPA that will thrive and achieve its goals for current and future generations requires the definition of a brand that encompasses our organization, its members, and its mission statement. By providing an outline for our organization's visual representation, and provide guidance to volunteers and members on how to use any tools provided, we can ensure that the NGPA's branding and marketing efforts clearly represent our mission, and can help us to build, support, and unite our worldwide community.


These branding & marketing guidelines were last updated: 04.05.2022 by Hunter Hayes.

Our Brand

Our organization's brand purpose is to strengthen and represent our mission statement, by building, supporting, and uniting the LGBTQ+ aviation community worldwide. Our goal is to equally provide representation to the entirety of our NGPA community, including all of our local and international chapters. 

Our marketing and branding efforts support our members in many ways, including providing visual representation for all of our chapters and partner groups. Through the use of insightful and creative marketing efforts, we can build, support, and unite our NGPA family.